Hraun Side Table


Introducing the fully 3D printed Hraun Side Table: where minimalism meets nature’s elegance.

Elevate your interior with the Hraun Side Table, a remarkable fusion of contemporary design and the raw beauty of Iceland’s volcanic landscapes. Inspired by solidified lava and the clean lines of Scandinavian aesthetics, this small yet captivating piece of furniture is a testament to the harmony between modern minimalism and the untamed forces of nature.

With its compact dimensions, the Hraun Side Table is perfect for small living spaces, bedrooms, or as an elegant accent in your lounge area.

Designed, 3D printed and assembled in Belgium.

Delivery time estimated to 1-2 weeks.

Weight 0.790 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 41 cm

The table base is made from rPETG Clear, a bioderived material, recycled from food packaging and medical tray waste. Both are 100% recycled, without colourants or additives yet match the print performance and surface quality of the best transparent virgin materials.

The table top is made from rPLA, a bioderived material from corn starch and recycled food packaging waste. Provided with a matte finish that removes lines and gloss to produce premium, fine details models.

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