Kvika Lamp


The Kvika Lamp, which means magma in Icelandic, is a minimalist lamp designed to add uniqueness and warmth to your interiors. The subtle horizontal printed layers and the wavy organic shape creates a mesmerizing effect to the lampshade, especially when the lightbulb is lit. The lifting structure in earth tone colors must give a serene and calming feeling to its surrounding.

Inspired by Scandinavian harmonious aesthetics, designed and 3D printed in Belgium.

Delivery time estimated to 1-2 weeks.

Dimensions 23.4 × 24.4 × 39.7 cm
Product Specifications

Lamp fitting – E27
Lamp bulb – Warm white – 806 lumen


The lampshade is made from rPETG Clear, a bioderived material, recycled from food packaging and medical tray waste. Both are 100% recycled, without colourants or additives yet match the print performance and surface quality of the best transparent virgin materials.

The lampbase is made from rPLA, a bioderived material from corn starch and recycled food packaging waste. Provided with a matte finish that removes lines and gloss to produce premium, fine details models.

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